Wrist Surgery

Arthroscopic Wrist Surgery

Wrist Joint Replacement

Wrist joint is complex joint. Wrist joint diseases can be cured with proper medications and physiotherapy. Despite medical treatment, in certain conditions wrist joint becomes deformed and painful. It leads to disability and decreased functional capabilities.
In cases where there is no definite response to medical treatment surgical procedures are required.
Some of the common causes of wrist pain where surgical procedure may be required are:

Rheumatoid arthritis
Posttraumatic Arthritis
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Ligament, Tendon and bone Injuries

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Wrist arthroscopy is a surgery that allows a doctor to see the inside of a joint. It is performed after a patient sustains an injury such as a fall or a twisting of the wrist and is experiencing pain, clicks or swelling. These symptoms may mean there is an internal problem of the wrist. Arthroscopy is often the best way of directly looking at the injury and repairing it. The procedure can be used to help align fractures of the wrist, remove some ganglions of the wrist, wash out infection, or remove excess joint lining associated with inflammation from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

In the last five years, the wrist has become the third most common joint to undergo arthroscopy, after the knee and shoulder. Because the cuts used with this procedure are smaller and disrupt less soft tissue than typical surgery, pain, swelling and stiffness are minimal, and recovery is often faster.