Wrist Joint Replacement

While hip and knee replacement are commonly-performed joint replacement surgeries, wrist replacement is more complicated and less common. Therefore, it is best performed by an expert hand surgeon who has special training in this procedure. It is most often performed on people suffering from painful arthritis and for whom other treatment options no longer provide relief. This procedure involves the replacement of the damaged wrist with an implant made of metal and surgical plastic. Unlike most hip and knee replacement surgeries, wrist replacement can often be performed in an outpatient setting. The time for full recovery is generally six to eight weeks.

Wrist replacement surgery is required in cases of painful arthritis of wrist joint not responding to other treatment options.
Recent Advances in Wrist Replacement Surgery provides better wrist joint functional status, good joint stability, lesser chances of failure and better patient satisfaction.

Who requires Surgery?
Wrist replacement surgery is required in cases where the wrist joint is damaged due to the disease process. Wrist replacement surgery is required if you have any of the following problems related to your wrist joint:
1. It is difficult to do normal daily tasks.
2. You have pain which is persistent.
3. When all non-surgical measures failed.
4. Other less invasive surgical procedures are not effective.
5. Pain disturbs you even in night.

Wrist Replacement surgery provides pain-free movement of wrist joint, helps to regain normal mobility and wrist function.

Indications of Wrist Replacement
It is indicated in patients of chronic wrist pain and deformity, who wants to retain wrist movements
1. Advanced Rheumatoid arthritis
2. Severe Osteoarthritis
3. Post-traumatic arthritis

Who should avoid Wrist Replacement Surgery?
This surgery is usually not good for patients whose work requires a heavy load on the wrist. In such a patient, Wrist fusion is an alternative treatment. In Wrist fusion bones of wrist joint are fused. After wrist fusion, one gets good grip strength but all the movements at wrist joint are lost.

What is done in Wrist Replacement Surgery?
Here worn out and damaged joint surface is removed and replaced with artificial joint components. There are several designs and materials of components available. Newer designs are close to native wrist joint providing normal wrist motion.
During surgery simultaneous correction of wrist deformity is carried out. Other anomalies of tendons, nerves and small finger joints can also be corrected.

What are the benefits of Wrist Replacement of Surgery?

Benefits of wrist replacement surgery are
1. Relieves pain.
2. Restores mobility.
3. Improves quality of life.
4. Helps in achieving normal lifestyle.

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