Mayuri Bhonslay
Indore - Mayuri Bhonslay

I am really pleased with the way Mohit Sir has done the successful elbow replacement for my mother. Post operation counseling and motivation provided by him makes her even stronger to do things at her own. I am looking forward to get the knee replacement done for her in next couple of month. Ailment: Elbow Arthritis; Elbow Replacement Surgery.

Dr Ramesh Singh
New Delhi - Dr Ramesh Singh

I am writing this review so that others could benefit from my experience. Dr MOHIT MADAN is very good orthopedic Surgeon Unfortunately I suffered from an accident one year back.Dr MOHIT operated on my Rt Shoulder by Deltoid spitting approach . (One of the minimally invasive approach where anterior muscles are not cut during surgery) It has better functional rehabilitation. Today after one year I am doing all my work with my hand.He is also a excellent Arthoscopic surgeon.I wish him all the best.  

Mrs. Somwati
Ailment: Total Knee Replacement - Mrs. Somwati

I consulted Dr Mohit Madan regarding my mother’s knee problem. My mother was suffering from arthritis in her both legs. She was not able to walk properly. Doctors suggested us knee replacement surgery for both the legs, but due to economic problems, we went for only left leg knee surgery in a hospital by Dr Mohit Madan. After few days she started walking and now she is absolutely fine with operated knee. First leg knee surgery was done in 2015. Now we are planning knee replacement of the other knee. Dr Mohit Madan will do this surgery too. My personal experience with Dr Madan is very good. He is a very talented and humble person.

Mr. Ansuya Prasad
Ailment: Mutilated hand & forearm injury - Mr. Ansuya Prasad

First and foremost Dr Mohit Madan generous behaviour is good and for that he is appreciable. I during an accident suffered a complicated fracture. I came here after 3 days of the accident and my condition was very bad. I was hopeless and almost lost my hand. But after getting motivated by Dr. Mohit Madan, I became confident. He with his skills and confidence strengthened my trust. After almost 4 months of treatment and multiple surgeries and his painstaking efforts my hand is saved. I am very satisfied.

Mr. Mansaram
Ailment: Longstanding knee pain - Mr. Mansaram

My name is Mansaram and I iron clothes. I was having pain in knees for quite a long time. I took consultation from Dr Mohit Madan. I am very poor and could not afford treatment. Dr Mohit Madan without charging me anything gave best care and treatment to me. I liked his and staff’s behaviour very much. I am very happy. I am indebted to him.

Dr Uday Pratap Singh
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. - Dr Uday Pratap Singh

Everything is best here. I want to offer my gratitude to Dr Mohit Madan for the treatment and care provided by him and his team. The best thing about My Ortho Clinic is that, along with Dr Mohit, all his team members give their best to provide treatment to every patient. Here topmost priority is patient and their satisfaction.