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The shoulder joint is made up of a humeral head, a globe like the upper portion of the arm bone and glenoid, and a socket-like structure of the shoulder blade. These bony structures are surrounded by capsule, ligaments, tendons and muscle which provide stability and movement of the joint. Your shoulder joint proper functioning allows you to move your arm in all the directions. Shoulder pain may be because of many reasons including injury, infection, tumor, anomaly, and arthritis. Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is a common cause of shoulder pain. It is a degenerative disease where cartilage, a covering of joint is damaged on worn away.

When cartilage is damaged or worn away, the two ends of bone abrade against each other causing pain. It becomes difficult to move the arm for overhead activities, lifting objects or simply reaching out for something. One may also feel pain at night. Early diagnosis and treatment can make wonderful and prevent the progression of the disease. Rotator cuff Arthropathy Rotator cuff is formed by a group of muscles and tendons that surrounds your shoulder joint. The rotator cuff helps in providing mobility and stability to the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff arthropathy is the end stage of any disease of the rotator cuff. In rotator cuff arthropathy cartilage as well as the tendon is damaged or worn out. This causes pain and moving arm becomes difficult. Rotator cuff arthropathy is a chronic condition that does not heal or improve by itself. Without proper treatment the condition worsens, the shoulder becomes more weak painful and less useful. Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis causes pain, swelling of the joint. Its symptoms can come and go, and their intensity is different for each person. Multiple joint involvements are common. This can make individual crippling. Subacromial bursitis It is an inflammation and swelling of the fluid-filled bursa located between the head of the humerus (upper end of the arm bone) and the acromion (outward projecting bone of shoulder blade). Out of many some of the common reasons for the development of subacromial impingement are past injury, chronic repetitive stress involving excessive use of shoulder joint, any abnormal bony or soft-tissue growth. Many daily activities, such as hair combing, getting dressed or any other activity which requires upward movement of arm become painful.

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