Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

Computer Navigation Surgery helps surgeon accurate placement of adequate size artificial knee components. In the arthritic knee, joint information provided by computer help in avoiding alignment outliers thus helps in increasing the longevity of knee surgery.

The information provided by the computer helps the surgeon in executing surgery with minimal soft tissue disruption and lesser bone loss. This helps in less postoperative pain and easy rehabilitation.

In CAS, a computerized model of the individual knee is made depending upon the knee anatomy and ligament condition. The surgeon can take guidance from the computer throughout the surgical steps involved in the procedure. Every surgical step can be rechecked thus minimizes any chance of error.

Literature and experiences from surgeons from all over the world prove computer-assisted total knee replacement superior to conventional total knee replacement. Using computer navigation for knee replacement surgery reduces the number of outliers and improves overall alignment, leading to better performance and longer life of the implants.

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