Arthroscopic (Keyhole) Hip Surgery

Arthroscopy means viewing inside a joint. Hip arthroscopy is a procedure in which surgeon puts miniature camera known as arthroscope inside the joint which helps in diagnosing various disease conditions.

Hip arthroscopy is required in painful hip conditions not responding to non- surgical treatment like rest, physical therapy, medication or injections.

Hip arthroscopy is a minimal invasive hip surgery. The use of miniature instruments allows smaller incision, less blood loss and shorter hospital stay.
Hip arthroscopy helps to:

  • Relieve pain in selected cases of hip disorder.
  • Remove loose bodies.
  • Repair tear and damage.
  • Delay onset of osteoarthritis.
  • Delay the need of total hip replacement.

Compared to tradional or open hip surgery, hip arthroscopy provides best possible result with rapid post-operative recovery and high patient satisfaction.
Hip arthroscopy is indicated in cases of,

  • Articular cartilage damage.
  • Loose bodies.
  • Hip impingement syndrome.
  • Labrum tears.
  • Infection

You may contact us if you are suffering from long standing hip pain not responding to present treatment. We will help you in making the right diagnosis and treatment.